The Mini-Weld Model 7 Airless Plastic Welder. . .is ideal for making quality repairs to virtually any type of plastic. The Model 7 is a highly portable, variable temperature, ceramic core welder that is perfectly suited to the active repair shop environment. The belt clip equipped control unit improves mobility and makes adjusting the temperature convenient. The Model 7 features a custom molded case for storing all the included accessories and welding rod. This is the longest
lived and fastest welding airless plastic welder.

Benefi ts:
• The 200 watt ceramic heating element provides the fastest warm-up time and maximum reliability over conventional elements.
• Repair virtually any type of plastic. “Problem plastics” like TPO and polypropylene are easy to repair using FiberFlex universal repair rod.
• Includes eight types of plastic welding rod for repairing virtually any thermoplastic!
• Learn how to repair any type of plastic with the included instructional DVD.

Ceramic elements heat faster and last 20X longer than standard elements!

Part #: US.5700HT

Price and Units

Units: EACH

Units: EACH
Weight: 6.00 lbs.

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$308.30 / EACH

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$277.48 / EACH

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