Microtex is a catalyzed water-based VOC compliant texture material designed to simulate the texture commonly found on OEM automotive bumpers, cladding and trim. Unlike most texture materials, Microtex is a mechanically formed texture so the same textured look is easy to reproduce time and time again. Microtex can be sprayed on most plastics with minimal preparation and will fill sanding scratches up to 180 grit. Because Microtex is a catalyzed waterborne paint, it can be topcoated with any paint and can even be wet sanded if desired.


  • Advanced formulation provides consistent and repeatable textured effect
  • Complies with all current VOC rules, including California’s Rule 1151 effective in 2010
  • Catalyzed for maximum versatility and durability
  • Compatible with any top coat system
  • Open window for spraying topcoat
  • Long shelf life


  • Clean part to be textured with 1000 Super Clean Plastic Cleaner according to the directions on the can
  • If surface is painted, sand with 180 grit sand paper. If surface is unpainted plastic, spray a light coat of 1050 Plastic Magic on the sanded substrate according to the directions on the can.
  • Stir Microtex thoroughly, DO NOT SHAKE!
  • Stir 2% by weight of 3104 catalyst into the desired amount of Microtex.
  • At room temperature with 1.3mm HVLP gun, apply 2 to 3 light coats as needed to achieve the desired texture allowing the paint to flash between coats.
  • Let dry completely for a minimum of one to two hours hour at 75°F (21°C) with 50% humidity or 15 to 30 minutes at 130°F (54°C). More time may be required based on humidity and coating thickness. In extremely humid areas, baking at 130°F (54°C) may be required.
  • Topcoat with Bumper and Cladding Coat Paint or any topcoat system after the Microtex is completely dried.
  • Clean gun with water followed by acetone.

Product Specifications

Size Part Number Shipping Weight Dimensions
Quart Kit 3802-4 2.7 lbs. 4.25” dia x 5” h
Gallon Kit 3802-1 10.4 lbs. 6.75” dia x 7.5” h

Technical Information:

Compatible Substrates:

Painted or properly prepared unpainted plastics NOT compatible with polyethylenes

VOC Information:

VOC 1.83 lb/gal (219 g/L)
VOC (w/ 3104 catalyst) 1.83 lb/gal (219 g/L)


Application Viscosity 760 cps @ 80°F
Flash Point: 224°F (106.7°C)
Density 9.42 lb/gal (1,129 g/L)
Crosslink Time 6 hours at 75°F

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Part #: US.3802-4

Price and Units

Units: QUART

Units: QUART
Weight: 4.00 lbs.

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$44.76 / QUART

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$40.24 / QUART

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