Black Cat Catalyzed Waterborne Primer Surfacer is the world's first catalyzed waterborne primer surfacer for plastic bumper refinishing. With the addition of the catalyst, Black Cat crosslinks for unmatched durability, flexibility, solvent resistance, and water resistance. The high build acrylic formulation hides 180 grit sandscratches and is compatible with all automotive topcoat systems.


  • Coating crosslinks for unrivaled solvent resistance. May be wiped with laquer thinner for over three minutes without disolving.
  • Once crosslinked, Black Cat offers outstanding water resistance. If speed cured at 120F for 30 minutes, Black Cat may be wet sanded in one hour. Black Cat will not bubble up or soften if inadvertently exposed to water after it is cured.
  • Black Cat crosslinks even at room temperature. May be wet sanded in 6 hours if not heated.
  • Outstanding flexibility and adhesion even at cold temperatures. Black Cat does not crack even when flexed over a 2 inch radius at -25F, even when sprayed over an unsanded OEM clearcoat finish!
  • High build formulation fills 180 grit scratches easily. Excellent dry sandability, and unlike other waterborne primers, it can be wet sanded as well.


  • Prepare surface by cleaning and sanding with 180-240 grit paper.
  • Mix 3020B catalyst 2% by weight with primer. Catalyst labels include markings for approximate volume of catalyst required. Catalys level can vary between 2-3% by weight without negative impact on coating properties. Water may be added up to 5% by volume for a smoother finish.
  • Spray with HVLP gravity gun using 1.7-2.0 mm nozzle setup.
  • Speed cure at 120F for 30 minutes. Crosslinking action will occur in six hours at 72F.
  • Pot life of catalyzed primer is 90 minutes at 72F. Clean gun first with water, then with acetone.

Do NOT Freeze:
3020 is a water-based product and therefore should not be frozen. Store above 45F. Freezing will ruin the product.

VOC Content:
2.2 lb/gal (260 g/L). Compliant with EPA National VOC Emission Standards and SCAQMD Rule 1151.

Test Properties:
Application Viscosity (centipoise) 2,000 - 3,000 cps
Film Build Per Coat 1.5-3.0 mils (38-76 microns)
9.9 lb/gal (1,180 g/L)
Flash Point - 225F (107C)


Part #: US.3020-4

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