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The first, and the industry's most innovative compressor unit, 150 Feet of ENERGY, contains 7 oz of Duponts 152a propellant, VOC Exempt.
  • Portable compressor for vFan Airbrush (the top brass part in picture is the Pressure Regulator, which is sold seperate, or, included when buying the vFan Portable Airbrush System)
  • Eco-friendly, voc exempt propellant
  • 2in1 paint compressor and duster
  • Ideal for Professional and Industrail touch-ups and professional product finishes.

The sky is the limit. Take your unit anywhere! With each unit, you can expect more than 150 feet of linear paint coverage and from 15 - 40 square feet of paint coverage spraying nything from latex, clear coat, solvent based paints and more.
Made in the U.S.A. Pressure regulator sold seperate here online.

Part #: PV.0168

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Units: EACH
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