Carbon Fiber Kit

Dupli-Color® Carbon Fiber Kit is a two-can system that features our Dimensional EffexTemplate to create a carbon fiber appearance on any plastic or metal surface*. The two-step system starts with a Graphite Metallic Base Coat to create a deep, graphite metallic base. Then, the unique combination of our Dimensional Effex Template and Black Top Coat brings the carbon fiber look to life. The top coat also adds gloss, depth and added protection to the finish. The Dupli-Color Carbon Fiber Kit is ideal to create a carbon fiber look on any of your projects. 

* for plastic surfaces, it is recommended to use adhesion promoter for optimal results

  • Create the look of carbon fiber with this easy 2-step kit
  • Nick, chip & fade resistant
  • Use clear topcoat for gloss finish and added protection

Part # CFK100 Kit Includes: 1 can Graphite Metallic basecoat, 1 can Black top coat,  1 - 20”x30” Dimensional Effex Template

Part #: DU.CFK100

Price and Units

Units: KIT

Units: KIT
Weight: 2.00 lbs.

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$36.40 / KIT

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